The Crays Pond Community Group are now at the stage where we are able to secure expert advice and financial support from outside sources.

The current aim is for enough funds to be raised for the community to buy the pub through grant funding, loans, donations and the community buying shares.

Community shares will be backed by the value of the asset (The White Lion property and grounds) and as rules and finances permit may give a return and be redeemable after a settling in period.

The group now needs an indication of what financial support there is from within the community.

Community shares are likely to be in multiples of £500 per individual.

Community financial support is vital to the project. No money is required at this stage.

Once a detailed shares prospectus has been issued, what value of shares would you (individually or as a household) be willing to invest?
Would you be willing to make a loan available or make a donation towards the purchase of the pub?
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