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Questions for the Local Candidates

The people at Campaign for Pubs are at the forefront of the debate about how to save our local pubs from disappearing at the whim of BeerCo and Brewery owners and Developers.

They campaign for a change in the Laws around Pub Sales and Improving the strength of current legislation, as well as other issues effecting the sector.

They have suggested that Voters could ask their prospective MP's, when they are out and about canvassing for our votes, if they will support the following measures.

Whilst the upcoming Election is, rightly, about some very important issues facing the country, it is vital that the campaign to support Pubs up and down the UK is not drowned out.

Raising the profile of blighted Pubs, such as the White Lion, should be on the Agenda for our MP's when they take their seats in Parliament, in order they can help the communities that they serve to protect their 'Local'

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