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Saving the White Lion as a community asset


March 2022

Saving the White Lion as a community asset

Hello to all our supporters and other interested parties.

We said in our ‘End of Year Report’ that we expected to push forward this spring with some projects we have got lined up to increase support for the White Lion project, and increase the value of our financial support through more pledges.

Whilst the discussions with SODC regarding the future of the White Lion property are still ongoing, and we still work on our application to the Communities Ownership Fund, we have, for the time being, decided to hold back from the projects we had planned to roll out March and April.

This is solely due to the current International situation as, we are sure, most people have other things at the forefront of their mind at present.

We will continue to work on the project in the background and launch our planned projects as soon as the situation allows.

We will be running a Pop up Pub at the Whitchurch Hill Fete in May.

The ‘Pledge’ page on our website remains open.

Thank-you for your continued support.

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