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ACV Nomination Form Submitted

Thank you for all your support

We had a great response from so many of you in support of the new ACV nomination for The White Lion Crays Pond.

It was good that we could send these 'Support Statements' on to SODC along with the Nomination form and all the other attachments.


We are told that we will hear back from them in about 6 weeks.


Once we know anything we will let you know.

In the meantime if you have not already sent in a email supporting the White Lion Project please do so. 

Just send an email to-

Your voice will then be heard at SODC when they are considering the ACV nomination.


You can also support the project by making an 'In Principle Promise' using the form in our fundraising page.

For all the details go to-


 To do this for you, we can't do this without you. 


You know it makes sense.

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