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Help us retain the ACV listing again!!!

The campaign to save the White Lion Crays Pond continues.

Help us to retain the ACV status.

The story is a long one, but here is a brief update.

Up to 2019 the Owner was living in the property, contrary to legislation, and was eventually asked to leave by a High Court Judgement. Since then the property has remained empty, and becoming more and more dilapidated.

In 2019 we were successful in retaining the ‘Asset of Community Value’ (ACV) status, (first granted in 2013), over the property although because of the pandemic the process took longer than usual, and also as the owner appealed and this appeal was rejected... twice.

The ACV means that the property cannot be sold by the owner unless offered to the community first. It is a useful tool in the communities’ armoury.

It can stop disposal of the property as an ‘Investment Opportunity’

Since 2019 a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the Pubs’ name has been established as a means of making offers to purchase (multiple times now!), applying for Community Ownership Funds to purchase renovate it, and manage its improvement.

This is the vehicle that would own and run the property when we are successful.

We are now in the position to get the ACV nominated again and this is where we need your help as every ‘Nomination’ period of 5 years is a reapplication, not a renewal.

As years go by it becomes more difficult to maintain ACV status, with the property left to deteriorate and remain unused by the owner.

Therefore we need to show that the community, both local and the surrounding, support the campaign.

Why should you help?

  • Many residents of the immediate and surrounding areas already support the project and have registered as supporters through our website

  •  Many have also promised financial support

  • Supporting the project and to retain the 2024 ACV nomination helps the wider community decide what happens to The White Lion property, not just the owner.

  • As you know, once a Pub is lost to development you never replace the community benefits that it provides. It is not just a Pub, but a Hub that can provide food, drink, accommodation, a meeting place, a market place, a focus for walkers, cyclists and others, or just a place to sit relax and reflect.

  • It can also add to the local commercial activity and can provide employment.

  • The White Lion Crays Pond is ideal, with the land it has, and the position it has to provide all this, not simply a plot for more residential development.

How could you help?

You could register your support through the website and send us your contact details.

 You could also register a ‘In principle promise’ in the fundraising page

And finally you could also let us know why you want to support the retention of the ACV by writing an email to us, so we can pass this on to SODC with our 2024 nomination documents.

Please remember the Group can't do this alone, your active support is now more important than ever!

So to recap…..

To contact the Crays Pond Community Group use the email address

To register as a supporter please use the Website.

The Home page has a registration form at its foot and The Fundraising page explains the ‘In Principle Promise’ you could make.

The Website also has the pubs history, past pictures, Blogs and its GDPR policy.

To get to the website simply use the address:-

We can't do this for you, without you

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