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Her Majesty's Government back local community pubs with fund.

Communities Secretary backs the great British pub with a new £1.15 million fund.

Secretary of State for Communities Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said:

'The Great British pub is one of the cornerstones of British life.From the Rose and Crown, to the King’s Arms, our pubs remain at the very heart of our cities, towns and villages.This new funding will boost the number of community-owned pubs and pub-based community services. It will offer sustainability and create valuable new jobs in the process, both in our great pubs and within our great communities.Pubs run by the community and for the community help bring people closer together. Importantly, they are a space for older, vulnerable and more isolated residents to access important local services and feel part of their communities.

We really welcome this initiative. It is good to know that the government has swung in behind community pubs,not only supporting them but by putting actual cash on the table and we will be exploring just how we can use this support to bring our White Lion back to life.

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