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Our Storming ‘Pouring’ Pop Up Pub Success

As you know we manned a Pop Up Pub at the Whitchurch Hill Fete. Our objectives were to raise the profile of the 'White Lion' Project, raise funds for the campaign, and support the Whitchurch Hill Fete committee.

It was a great day out for all concerned, with the Pub Bar fully manned and many, many satisfied customers. We achieved £00's of support for the Fete committee and a net profit in the £000's for the fighting fund. More supporters have registered with the web site and the number of web site views was astonishing.

Thank you to those who supported the Bar on the day. A particular 'Thank-you' to those who volunteered to help the group with the Pub, Phil Mason, Tony Steinthal,Nick Seymore, Jilly Dunnett, Rob White and Ken Baker.

Thanks also to Colin and Pat for strolling around the Fete handing out our leaflets. We could not have done it without you!

To support the project, register as a supporter at the foot of the home page.

To pledge funds (no money at present) go to our Fundraising page and complete the form.

All data and pledges kept securely and encrypted

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