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Tribunal Postponed

In these troubled times it is no surprise that the latest legal issue has had its hearing postponed.

Following the High Court case outcome in February 2019, our parish council reapplied for Asset of Community Value (ACV) Status for The White Lion property, to ensure this status remained in force. The ACV status is granted for 5 years and is not simply renewed, a new application has to be submitted with reasoning and supporting documentation.

The ACV status (included in the Localism Act provisions) gives the community a 6 month period to purchase the property once the owner decides to sell it. It cannot be offered onto the open market until the community has had this opportunity.

The ACV status does not however enforce the owner to put the property on the market so the community can bid for it.

The current ACV status was granted and in the autumn of 2019 the owner undertook the appeal process to remove it. The initial appeal was heard by the district council and was rejected. The owner appealed that decision and this latest appeal was to be held by a closed tribunal sitting on May 20th.

Obviously, and understandably, given the current situation this appeal has had to be postponed.

We understand that the owner was offered a document based tribunal with no participants, but has rejected this. The tribunal date has therefore to be postponed until they can sit down with the relevant parties (no others can attend).

The tribunal has had submissions from the relevant parties and the Crays Pond Community Group thank Mr Peter Dragonetti our District Councillor, Goring Heath Parish Council and SODC and its legal team for their continued support.

We await the tribunal and its decision.

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