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A Very Important Announcement

The White Lion Crays Pond ACV status.

As we have stated in previous Newsletters the Asset of Community Value status needed a new Nomination in June this year.

The Nomination process is a robust analysis of the status of the property in line with guidance included in the Localism Act of 2011 and updated by government.

We sent in a lengthy nomination, including legal argument from previous decisions made at the High Court and the last appeal tribunal, our Business plan for the property, and a significant number of supporting statements sent in by you, the supporters of the project.

We also included the total amount figure of the ‘In Principal Promises’ made by supporters and many of you also reaffirmed to the council your commitment to those promises of potential funding.

South Oxfordshire District Council has approved the Nomination, and The White Lion is now listed, again, on the schedule of properties deemed to be Assets of Community Value, which held by the council.

The listing lasts for a further 5 years, and is, as happened last time, subject to the appeal process if initiated again by the Owner.

So a BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you who are supporters and backed up your support by forwarding your statements supporting the project, and those who re-affirmed your ‘In Principle Promise’ of funding.

We also gained New Supporters and New ‘In Principle Promises’ during the process and to those of you are new to the project,

Welcome and Thank you.

We hope that with this new period of Nomination the Owner considers the Offers sent to him by this group, or uses this period to construct and put forward his own plans for the White Lion as a properly funded and serious Pub/ Restaurant/Café/ Accommodation business.


We can’t do this without you, there is no magic money tree.

‘In Principle Promises’ can be made on our website under Fundraising Page, the link is below

If you want to see The White Lion property fulfil its ability to be a Pub-restaurant-Café and centre for the community please make a ‘Promise’.

We can’t do this without you,so please consider joining those who have already made the Promise of Funding dependent,of course, on the terms of the prospectus yet to be issued


The Crays Pond Community Group

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