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Dont Forget!!!!!!!!

Save the White Lion- Crays Pond

Come and Visit our POP UP PUB

We are at the Whitchurch Hill Fete from 2.00pm

The ’Save the White Lion’ Group from the Crays Pond Community Group will be running a ‘Pop Up Pub’ at the Whitchurch Hill Fete on Saturday 28th of May from 2.00pm until close.

A menu of Ale, Lagers, Cider, Wine and soft drinks will be available.

All proceeds will split with the Goring Heath Fete Committee and the Save the White Lion fund.

This is our first chance since the Covid restrictions we have had to meet all our supporters at a large social event.

Come along and do your part to Save the White Lion as a community asset.

Crays Pond Community Group.

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