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Keeping you in the Loop.............

More News on the ACV Nomination.

As we stated in our Mail about the ACV nomination being approved by SODC, the Owner has the right of a Review-Appeal.

This occurred before, in 2019, as the Owner appealed the Councils 2019 decision, and that was reviewed internally and the decision to grant the ACV was upheld.

The Owner then appealed that decision and we ended up at a First Tier Tribunal, held belatedly due to covid restrictions, and the First Tier Tribunal also upheld the ACV Nomination.


We have been informed that the Owner has now appealed the 2024 decision.


This initial process is basically an internal review of the decision, by senior members of SODC staff who were not involved in the decision making process so far.

The owner will be present as will any other party he uses to support his appeal-review.

We understand the councils review decision will be announced in Mid August

We will let you know the result when we are informed.

In the meantime dont forget our Aims.

These formed part of our Nomination.

Our Aims.

Get The White Lion property in Crays Pond reopened as a community pub and so much more.-OR

Work with any responsible plan to reopen the White Lion as a Pub so it can be a commercial success.-AND

Support SODC with rejecting any Planning request that does not allow the White Lion to reopen as a Pub as their own planning protocols dictate. 

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