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Owners Appeal Dismissed

The Legal Tribunal sat on 30/11/2020 and has now announced its decision relating to the owners attempt to remove the Asset of Community Vaule (ACV) status from the White Lion in Crays Pond.

The tribunal dismissed the owners appeal leaving the property, and the owner, subject to ACV provisions. The tribunal concluded 'it is realistic to think that there is a time in the next five years when there could be use of the White Lion that would further (whether or not in the same way as before) the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community'.

We now need to move forward with our plans, with the help and support of all of the supporters and local community, to purchase, renovate and reopen the White Lion as a community pub and so much more.

The current health situation not withstanding, the work to increase the existing financial support from all sources, to link with institutions who also support community owned pubs, and local businesses will continue with increased confidence in 2021.

Whilst the owner has expressed a willingness to sit on the empty and deteriorating property for the next 5 years, we see that as an untenable situation, given the support for change from the community, other institutions and groups, and the councils involved.

Can we do it, Yes we can

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