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The White Lion..........from the air

With thanks to Historic England we can show what the White Lion was like in 1944.

A USAAF reconnaissance unit took a lot of shots of parts of England in 1943-44.

Crays Pond was lucky enough to be photographed and the image we have shows the White Lion at the Old Junction layout.

The Historic England site you want is entitled Baseball and Bombers and a link to the site is below.

By using the interactive map you can view shots all over central and southern england,some of which may interest you as well. You may see your own property, how your neighbourhood has developed since then and other items of interest.

The Crays Pond map is US_7PH-GP-LOC208_V_5067.

We are unable (at present) to replacate the Map here due to copyright so for this particular shot use the link below.

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